Friday, August 21, 2009

Every death hurts...

Every death hurts, when you were close to that person.
Every death makes you bring all the memories, every memory pierces u painfully, every memory begs never to be forgotten.
Every death brings soo much regret for what you have not done.
Every death makes you dislike God alittle more.
Every death is another reason for you to leave the world.
Every death is just another sob story for your companians.
Every death makes you think 'Why can't god jst stop picking on you for a change?'.
It hurts like a thosand punches all laid in the same spot especially when the people you love just died and you havnt even got over your healing....
And then when you go visit their graves you just cant take it die inside all over again.
you stop eating, stop caring about evrything around you and you reminisce and cry over the memories.
Its like a punishment when someone brings up a cant breathe its like you're being constricted.
you want to do something to help comfort the others around you but you dont know what to do.
They're gone forever but you just cant believe its true...but then every time you call their number there's no answer, evrytime you walk into their room theres none of their stuff left except for their picture proped up on the wall as a reminder that they're really gone.
you join to partake in cleaning up their come across bits and pieces and you breakdown...once,twice its takes you ages to clean up.
you want to make time go back so you could say one proper goodbye.. but its too late.
Every death gets you realising that your time is unknown.