Saturday, August 22, 2009

All I can feel is hate....

Don’t act like you can help me

Like you care soo much about me

Youre full of crap

How many times of my life time I believed in all those empty threats

Feigning your sickness as an excuse to get sympathy

You say god will help me if I ask

They tell me to be patient but patience has a fucking limit

Im not able to hold on to this frustration and hurt I feel

With the tears pouring down my face silently I pray to god to help me

My belief is fading and my heart is growing colder

I just want company of those I care for but it’s a bit hard when weve all separated

Evry morning is another day of rememberance for how I became this person

How all those memories ive tried to forget can bring me down

The truth has seeped through me and my grief is withheld in my heart

How much I hate this place

All I wanted was a few happy memories that will help me go on forever

Music is the only thing that helps me block out all your bickering

I hate feeling out of control

Sometimes contemplating suicide as a last resort

I hate your guts soo fucking much its killing me

I don’t want to feel this hate but you’ve brought it upon yourself

I just want you to act normal and stop telling about all my sins

And all the punishments I will face in the afterlife

I always thought it was your duty to protect me as I grew

Forbidding me to purse my dreams live a little

I hate the way you act soo religious like god listens to your evry prayer

I vent this hurt I feel when you kill the little light I have left in my heart


I just want to scream this out

I just want to make you feel the same pain I felt when you disowned me

You swore you disowned me but you wont stay out of my life

You swore that you tried doing everything in your life for me but u lie

This hate is killing me

I cant believe I cut myself over you n your stupid comments

Now I hurt

The scars remind me that what you said was real