Friday, August 21, 2009

There are soo many reasons for me hating you but I'm afraid of naming them all because i still love you and don't know or understand how you feel about me. I hate you for not trusting me, for doubting me, for making me wait on you, for smashing my dreams, for disowning me, for not being there for me when i needed you, for not supporting and comforting me, for not loving me enough, for hurting me both mentally and physically, for scaring and stressing me, for blaming me for your misfortunes, for not seeing the good that i have done for you. All I wanted was a little bit of love, but those three words I've been wating for you've never said. It hurts me to know that I may never feel loved by you.
I tried to love you but you turned me away by acting crazy. I'm sorry I'm not the best daughter you've ever had.
But at least I tried.